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Bagobag, advertising bags from Berlin

The manufacturer of bags with something on them, in Berlin, Germany. Since 2008 bagobag presents brands very concretely on advertising bags or extensively as an event in space.

As a manufacturer of advertising bags in Berlin for retailers and their end consumers, for trade fair exhibitors and congress organisers, bagobag organises the presentation of brands. Initiative for the brand presentation on bags.

BAGOBAG is also happy to provide advice, especially for the changeover from disposable to reusable solutions or for the calculation of permanent bags such as PP woven bags. The RPET bags made of recycled plastic bottles are currently a bestseller. bagobag not only presents brands but also develops complete packaging and sales concepts for branded products at the POS.

In 2018 bagobag designed the rooms for Christmas for a Europe-wide retailer with over 500 shops in the shops. The decoration included artificial Christmas trees and poinsettias. This was not produced in China, but in the EU.

Sichtbarkeit ist allesVisibility is everything
Blumen für die Netfamily TRIGGER. Wir sind bunt, aber kein Strauß.Flowers for the Netfamily TRIGGER. We are colorful, but not a bouquet.

Paper bags Berlin

Berlin needs this and has almost managed to change away from the plastic bag. Paper bags Berlin = bagobag.Papiertaschen Berlin = bagobag.