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Hardcover digital printing - book printing with hardcover

Dear graduand, dear doctoral student. Dear fellow student with Bachelor thesis. Don't worry, relax.

 Whether master thesis bind exam thesis fixed binding diploma thesis bind bachelor thesis or dissertation bind - everything will be fine.

Would you like to have your diploma or doctoral thesis bound as hardcover? Or do you want your Bachelor thesis bound in hardcover ? We simply supervise your thesis from front to back until everything has a cover.

Soon you'll have it over with. :) We know what you are going through.

book printing hardcover binding ✓ dissertation printing and binding in Berlin ✓

In a mostly relaxed atmosphere, we handle the handling of data for letterpress printing for you. We understand your files and trigger printing on paper. In the last step, we bind your hardcover in the desired edition.

Hardcover digital printing - SOS help for students and deadlines of any kind

We look forward to receiving your print data. We promise to keep our nerves and our overview. For last-minute changes, editing and reworking, the entire ADOBE Suite is still available to you and our specialist staff, so you can still perform SOS interventions.

Binding doctoral theses

We bind doctoral theses daily and print diploma theses, often under time pressure, even into the night hours. We know that. That is our task. We are a kind of "birthplace" for final theses.

Cheap Hardcover Bindings - fast hardcover in Berlin to go!

During the production you remain welcome. You are invited to stay until the "child is born". You will then take your work with you, the copies bound as hardcover in the desired edition. As a rule, you don't have to wait 24 hours.

You will be able to deliver in time! There is plenty to eat and drink in the immediate vicinity, as everything should be more extensive and you need a break.

Order hardcover connections online for doctoral theses, bachelor's or master's theses and diploma theses

You can also simply order them online from us and have them printed "online". Most of the time, however, the graduates would like to be personally present at this important step and not lose sight of their work for a moment until it has been completed.

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