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Paperbacks in digital printing

TRIGGER has always been an oasis of creativity. Now you can also have your own book made by TRIGGER!

All formats and intermediate sizes are possible. Also oversize, all page numbers, as befits a book manufacturer and a decent book.

Books in digital printing. Digital letterpress printing in Berlin Kreuzberg. Books to go.

We print books in color or in black and white or mixed.

In the film we show the production of a single English brochure, so a paperback book with extended side flaps on the envelope, in the edition 1.

Books grout before binding

For the start of our book production, we have set great store, even with a run 1 the book block exactly in the envelope. For this we have acquired an English grooving machine, which can groove us the envelope before the book block is hung. The groove lines are set according to the page number and size of the book. They are then engraved in the envelope. The cover thus becomes something like a shaft with two hinges for the book block. This is then after the gluing of the spine. In the English brochure we put in the envelope before even 6 groove lines, so that the flaps later neatly turn over and the book cover does not bulge.

Book manufacturer in Berlin - innovation leader in milling and cold glue bonding

Add to that the glue! As one of the world's first, we use the most innovative technology, the Ribler technology. It comes from the German inventor Franz-Josef Landen. In 2015, Franz Landen received the environmental technology award of the state of Baden Württemberg for this. Carsten Wettreck and Franz-Josef Landen have known and appreciated each other for some time. The Hamburg company Schmedt has transferred this milling and bonding technology from him into manageable, small machines.

TRIGGER is again the innovation leader in 2019 with these step by step machines as a manufacturer of books. At the beginning of the year, TRIGGER took delivery of two machines that proved their worth. They are now released for general production in Kreuzberg.

The Franz-Josef Landen technology from Ribler in detail:

The unique milling technology prepares the fibers at the edge of the paper sheet much better on a glue receptacle than the conventional hotmelt technology ever could.

Microscopically, the edge of the sheet is roughened to a much larger surface than can be done in a conventional milling machine of a hotmelt machine. As a result, the glue spreads much more extensively in the edge of each sheet of paper and bonds more strongly with the edge of the paper. The microscopic area, in which glue and paper penetrate each other intensively, has increased significantly in comparison to the hotmelt. The adhesive effect itself is thus significantly increased. The adhesive newly developed by Franz-Josef Landen and used by us is a cold adhesive.

Ölologische BuchproduktionEcological book production

Landing has reinvented the glue in addition to the router. The improvement thus comes from both sides of the gluing, from the preparation of the sheet edge to be bound as from the glue itself.

Less power consumption, no gassing, ecological book production, modern soft cover binding

We're not cooking hot glue any longer. Hot melt adhesives are increasingly suspected of producing carcinogenic vapors. They then gas during production and are extracted by suction and led into the environment via an exhaust air system. Our glue is neither carcinogenic nor has it to be boiled up. Nor does it emit any unpleasant odors, not during and not after production. Due to the failure to boil, we also consume significantly less electricity.

But even that is not all. Due to the revolutionized milling technology, we also need significantly less of the new adhesive and still achieve a better result than in the hotmelt process. More of the harmful to the environment does not always help a lot.

So, on a smaller scale, we made book production ecologically cleaner and the production of short runs economical and affordable. And that, by the way be it said, without a penny of subsidies of the IBB.

Paperbacks Lay flat binding - the TRIGGER book

That's not all. Thanks to Landen and Ribler technology, we have done away with an old mishap for publishers and book lovers: hotmelt adhesives either had the ability to break or stiffen the spine.

So paperback books stuck in the back often. Everyone knows that: With a good deal of force you had to first devote yourself to the paperback. One had to bend or even break the paperback so that it opened and opened up to the reader. A reasonable serving behavior hotmelt books do not show up to today. The adhesive we use does not lock the book. The TRIGGER book has a lay flat behavior right from the start. Our books want to be read!

24 h Book on demand, paperbacks in digital printing, softcover bindings

And we want to make books that are read! Book on demand and paperbacks in digital printing can meanwhile become some online print shops or book on demand publishers.

However, our technology is super new and, as a result, ecological.

Of course we are also flexible in the pads, in the page numbers and in the formats. With this wonderful new technology and our opening times, we want to be a destination for book lovers who do not just want to read, but to make their own book. Here we have the technology, the service, the time and the relaxation.

Books are not just literature. Exhibition catalogs are produced in the standard with softcover, as paperback. Accompanying books to concerts are often no longer brochures, tied rather than thinner or even thicker soft cover, in principle bound to paperbacks. Friends of success and science, want to submit their diploma thesis or doctoral thesis equal, visually more serious and exciting, upgraded as a finished book. The editions of paperbacks and soft covers have become more diverse, although the quantities of individual editions have fallen, but the number of editions has increased significantly.

Art galleries, writers who make their first book or their first catalogues, organizers of congresses and conferences who now want to spend their documents more nobly than before, now want to distribute them as softcover paperbacks to the participants: Everyone is welcome.

Exhibition catalogues print digitally on demand as sofa covers, congress documents as paperbacks, accompanying books print for events and festivals.

You can send us your works, your exhibition catalogues and congress documents, your accompanying books on performances of art, literature and theatre, your leaflets or even online for the production of paperbacks.

Your data and manuscripts can also be uploaded via Wetransfer. If you wish or if you are not in Berlin, we will send you the single book or the finished editions by post or by mail of your choice.

Soon we will combine this with the possibility of acquiring ISBN numbers at short notice and appearing on the express book market.

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